👋Hey, I'm John Bonaccorsi.
Here's the highlights:

💼Work history:

  1. 2023-Present: Senior Software Engineer @ Bisnow
  2. 2017-2023: Lead Programmer @ Tighten
  3. 2012-2017: Developer @ O3 World

💻Tech stack:

  1. JavaScript (React, React Native, Vue, Next, Svelte, Alpine, Electron, Node)
  2. PHP (Laravel, Livewire)
  3. MySQL, PostreSQL
  4. HTML, CSS

🎙️Podcasts I've been a guest on:

  1. The Laravel Podcast: Migrations, Factories, and Seeding, with John Bonaccorsi
  2. Twenty Percent Time: Class-Based Model Factories

📝Blogs I've written:

  1. Opting Out: A Simple Solution for Conditionally Cancelling Laravel Notifications
  2. Stimulus 101: Building a Modal
  3. Tidying Up Your PHPUnit Tests with Class-Based Model Factories

🛠️Side projects:

  1. Fantasy BB

🌎Where to find me:

  1. [email protected]
  2. LinkedIn
  3. @imjohnbon